What is GLT ?

Global Leadership Team.

PCC Paul Metrovich

By now, most of you have heard the term "Global Leadership Team" or "GLT." You have probably been asking yourself exactly what this new committee means and what can you expect from it? You will be hearing much more about the program in the weeks ahead, but I thought I would give you a little idea of what GLT is all about.

At the Multiple District level there is a Global Leadership Team executive committee which is made up of 5 people: PDG Fred Breyer from District E, PCC Paul Metrovich from District D, PDG Barry Brandt from District F, PDG Jay Carey from District J, and the current CC Ron Keller.

Our Mission Statement spells out that our committee is to "facilitate the identification and development of present and future leaders for the clubs and sub districts within Multiple District 13, and by providing them with the necessary training resources and motivation to be successful in this task."

The MD-13 Global Leadership Team have identified 5 specific goals and for each of these goals, we have developed an Action Plan which we have already implemented.

The Goals for MD13 Global Leadership Team are as follows:

1) The MD Global Leadership Team will identify future, and existing, leaders.

2) The MD GLT will put into place the strategies necessary to develop leadership skills of those newly identified potential leaders and further develop the leadership skills of those currently serving in Lion leadership roles.

3) The MD GLT will be involved in planning and executing a training program for MD13 District officers.

4) The MD GLT considers it essential to develop an open communications process that utilizes all technology available to insure open and two-way communities with all parties involved in the GLT process.

5) The MD GLT We will be involved in developing an Ohio Lions Resource Center for developing leaders and their leadership skills. This center will provide opportunities to develop and promote individual personal growth and leadership excellence.

In a nutshell, we have challenged ourselves with identification and development of potential leaders, and of equal importance, we are providing the necessary resources for each step along the way. These steps will benefit all levels of Lionism from our clubs, zones, districts and state.


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